Help Desk

Open a ticket with our NEW Help Desk

How to Submit a ticket?

  1. Go to Skov Enterprise Helpdesk
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your Issue Summary
  4. Type in detail the issue or concern you are having. The more detail the better.
  5. You may attach a file or picture if it is helpful
  6. Click Submit
  7. You should receive an email stating that the ticket Number has been submitted and providing you with a link, so that you can check the status of the ticket actions.

For more than 20 years, Skov Enterprise has served customers all across the country. Now we’re ready to serve you where you need it most, in your office and home.

The Skov Enterprise Help Desk now provides custom on-site computer instruction. We’ll help you a get the most out of your system and show you how we did it. No need to take lengthy courses, get specialized training on exactly what you want!

  1. We’ll come directly to your home or office and provide tutorials on a broad range of computer software and hardware topics:
  2. Need to back up your files? We’ll show you how.
  3. Need to upgrade system security? We’ll get it done.
  4. Want to get your system running faster? Give us an hour.
  5. Need to learn new software? We’ll work with you.
  6. Need to diagnose a computer problem? We’ll find the answer.
  7. Need to solve that Wi-Fi problem? Give us a try.
  8. Need answers to Internet questions? We have them.

Give us a call or open a ticketĀ and a Skov Enterprise specialist will be ready to assist.

Help Desk rates are $75.00 per hour.